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OneTable: Higher Education


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enjoy the video of the OneTable: Higher Education discussion. Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments section of the post!

2 Responses to OneTable: Higher Education

  1. Jim Matson says:

    I agree with much of the panel discussion on the issues for maintaining and funding high quality education. However, one area of this topic that seems to not get enough attention is critiquing and exploring opportunities to reduce the delivery costs of education. Sensitive areas such as professor tenure, obsolete departments and programs, unnecessary graduation requirements, etc should be explored for ways to reduce costs. The educators and administrators have a vested interest in not changing this part of the education infrastructure. This may result in less attention to this area in forums like OneTable.

    I support high quality, relevant, liberal arts education. Making this affordable for both the individual and society is imperative. Exploring ways to reduce delivery costs should be one of a many faceted solution.

    I applaud and support One Maine’s purpose for bipartisan, common sense approach for solutions to complex problems.

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